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Upcoming DJ Innovata escapes major injuries


UP-AND-COMING dancehall deejay Innovata narrowly escaped serious injuries after the car he was driving crashed in a truck along the Old Harbour main road on Wednesday morning.

Speaking with the media yesterday, the entertainer said he was heading towards Spanish Town from Clarendon when the incident occurred. Still shaken up by the incident, Innovata said he is grateful that he and his four passengers are alive.

“The vehicle just get outta control. It come like a never me a drive because me not even a go fast and the next ting me know the car a go towards the truck. God just put the car inna the middle a the truck, so thankfully no one no get in serious hurt although the car mash up bad,” he said.

Innovata said he walked away from the accident with only a few scrapes and bruises.

Although he didn’t emerge as the 2015 winner of the Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall competition, the Spanish Town-based artiste won his way into the hearts of dancehall lovers with the single Tadadadadaa.

Reflecting on the competition, Innovata (whose given name is Alwayne Thyme) said the competition has totally changed his life.

“Me life different because is long time me a look the buss and couldn’t find it, so now that them help me, it just up to me fi push out the work. This type of exposure help me to focus my mind elsewhere, he said.

In addition to shooting the music video for Taddada, Innovata is preparing for the release of his upcoming singles including We No Fraid a People, Mr Joe Grind, and Me Love Yuh Baby.

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