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SIZZLA KOLANJI Lifestyle & Albums



 Working on the catalogue and also the dynasty. Miguel Collins is on a mission. One that he sees as a journey that must be fulfilled. We can always hear a hit or three coming from Judgement Yard Productions or from the fraternity within e.g. Breadback Productions, Caveman Productions. We are sure and can safely say Sizzla Kalonji is more than a DJ, more than a MC, more than a producer. He’s a charismatic leader and a son of his faith. Rastafarian to the core and a father. He has lead the resurgence of Rastafarianism in Jamaica. Along with Capleton they are the two most outspoken and respected Rastafarian in Reggae/Dancehall.

Sizzla Kolanji has been a staple and an ambassador for Rastafarians and the Jamaican entertainment sector and culture. There are few who have maintained a twenty year career and still at only just 41 yrs old have done over 75 albums and countless features. Now after a blistering 10 months with two albums in three months, to us that seems like a lot of music, to Miguel Collins its his passion and sees no ther way to reach the masses as strong hold but through his music.

The summer of 2017 has definitely been one to remember for the reggae ambassador. In addition to his first full summer season of international touring in nine years, Sizzla also managed to sneak out two full length albums in the last two months – Fought for Dis on Altafaan Records and, most recently, I’m Yours on FX Music Group. While Fought for Dis is a thorough examination of roots reggae, I’m Yours only touches on rootical vibes as a springboard to launch into a spectrum of sounds.

Stay on the journey and keep up. Rumors from two prominent producers is that they are also just a few tracks away from completing their album & EP projects. He shows us everyday that this is more than music, it’s his life and lifestyle.


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