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Let Me Entertain You


Good day readers and fans. Hope the summer has been great for everyone so far. So a question came up the other day. Is Dancehall still a friendly genre?
There was a debate about how the vibes in the 80s and 90s had children friendly songs. Hit songs from Lt. Stichie, Pappa San just to name a few. Then it had me asking myself is this true?
Has this era lost its children friendly flavor where kids enjoy another side of the art form. Then it struck me. Tanto Blacks, Chi Ching, Ding Dong are the ones who make us laugh and do almost the same as Lt. Stichie and them.

What has Tanto Blacks, Ding Dong and Chi Ching taught us in the last three years. The fact is that people do want to laugh and genuinely have fun. People do want to have fun whether you’re 19 or 35. They entertainment us, they make us wanna dance, make us wanna laugh. After a long hard week on the standard nine to five that’s what the average man wants to do unwind. Now where the debate was interesting was they said why and how could I compare. Well Tanto Blacks seems to be the funniest entertainer since Lt. Stitchie and Professor Nuts gave jokes while performing. Tanto is just doing it in the viral world. Back then Bogle broke the mold of a dancer singer/entertainer. Well Ding Dong is now the blueprint of that. He sings dances and the crew of Ravers stay entertaining masses at parties. So yes take a look that’s where the industry is. It has evolved.

So this is to say thanks Ching, thanks Tanto and Ding Dong. You have given me a chance to debate with the older generation that there is children friendly and dance friendly hits. As Ching said my lyrics are alcohol free even the kids could have it. On that note stay tuned to Flames Radio.


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