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Ken Boothe – Living Legend


The life of the great Ken Boothe. Here sitting with a legend sharing thoughts info and insight. This is a 2 part interview into the life of a living legend. Flames was fortunate to get hold of Ken Boothe as he is still very active in the music circuit. He’s still recording, performing and touring. Ken Boothe has hits like “Everything I Own”, “Freedom Street”, “Puppet On A String”, “Artibella”. All classic hits.

So where should we start. He started his illustrious career at 8yrs old. Ken speaks of a story where his mom took him regularly to the YMCA where he would enter singing competitions and win. This became an early passion for young Kenny.
He then started professionally at the great Duke Reid CD. Ken Booth did not start as a solo act. In order to get through the doors of the industry at that time Ken partnered with someone who was well known in the circles and community. He was part of a duet group called Ken & Stranger. With the great Stranger Cole. Stranger Cole is a well renown singer in the 1960’s. Its fair to say he was a ghetto super star. Stranger taught the young Booth everything he knew about the craft. Keep in mind there weren’t many studios accessible at the time.
Ken considers him as a brother and mentor to him.

He did 2 songs with the Duke which left him wanting more after hearing his recording playing from a local juke box, all this was new to the young Ken Booth. It was also a refreshing sound to the people. This gave him even more confidence and belief.

A next legendary producer Coxsone of Studio One. Clement Seymour Dodd CD aka Sir Coxsone is considered one of the icons of reggae music and the Jamaican culture. He’s also someone who helped to forge the sound of a generation. Described as the Barry Gordy of Jamaica and the producer who would forge many sounds coming out of Jamaica. Was his next quest. After auditioning the famous song “Artibella” he was in. A young Ken was now committed to making this work and music being his career. He was now committed to the daily task of going to studio daily and waiting his turn. The likes of Delroy Wilson, The Wailers and more were all now his peers….

Stay tune and keep reading as we deliver the second part of our interesting but entertaining sit down with a living legend.


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