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 Good day everyone. I pray and hope all our readers are having a safe & productive day. This article is really a Barber shop/hair salon argument. With the festive season on the horizon and several shows about to be booked, we are looking at the female class and who people want to pay to see. The women in Dancehall have always been known to be attached to more scandals than actually hit songs. The great Marion Hall aka Lady Saw was one of the few who broke the mold and was able to have hit songs very little rumors and a successful career.

Now we look on to the new generation and what they have to offer. One of the main questions were who do we actually like to look at. Who is pleasing to the eye and not just the ears. Then the names started flying Tifa, Shenseea, Lisa Hyper, D’Angel, Jordanne Patrice. Oddly enough Spice name was not mentioned despite she claiming to be the present queen of the pack. Then I actually started to probe more, asking my barber and the patrons so who really has the full package.

Again names kept jumping out but again the repeated names were what actually interested me. Spice is now in all conversations but again we could only sing or partially sing three songs which is why Tifa and Lisa Hyper now became names called in every sentence. We mention Pamputtae but the lack of consistency makes us question her talent along with the shot she fired at Shenseea. Pam as she is popular called is known for her energetic and vibrant stage performances. Shenseea which many say might just get female artist of the year has a solid team of marketers and promoters behind and within her camp.

Spice offer sheer entertainment which for anyone at a show or live event that’s always a good thing. People want to get their monies worth when attending a show. Tifa has been known for her studio hits like “Spell It Out”, “Ex Man”, “Big Bumper” and more. Maybe its safe to say Spice also paid her dues & she works very hard at her job.

When men talk about women in Dancehall these are all the variables we look at. There has to be a next key component which is you need to be a good artist, song writer, and lyricist. As we see and hear Jamaican fans are not gimmick driven people. You have to be able to deliver and for that many will be left by the side and only a few will have a career to speak to be a barber shop convo.

Share your thoughts and reasoning.


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