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Gimmicks Or Talent


Good day readers and fans of our blog and site. All Reggae and Dancehall lovers worldwide have been touched with a story lately about an artist that was suspected kidnapped and killed. Am I fan of publicity stunts that result in all island searches and things of that nature. No I don’t like it one bit.

The artist in question is Kasanova. An upcoming deejay and song writer who is originally from Spanish Town and who came out publicly to say he is the brains behind Alkaline and also the song writer. The truth is I don’t really know but whether he is or isn’t the originator or the man behind Alkaline. What I can say is there was an all island search for him as he was reported missing and had his household in a frenzy. Now was it a publicity stunt. My opinion is yes and I hate when we taken for fools by putting life & death matters in publicity stunts. It speaks little for your talent when its as drastic as going missing. He had an weird message posted on his instagram stating he might commit suicide or really that his life is at risk.

This was in July he reappeared in August and really the masses has lost all faith in this upcoming act. He has completely buried his career with ill decisions since his public onslaught of Alkaline. We as fans of Dancehall were patiently waiting to hear what he was gonna wow us with. Unfortunately its been one stunt after a next, which has availed to nothing much.

2017 is coming to an end and lets keep this in mind, instead at taking shots at the ones at the top it might be in a lot of young artist best interest to at least have a hit before tackling someone who has become a household name.


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