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Ethics, Morals,Ethics, Morals, Ethics


Good day readers & fans of Flames Radio and everything that comes with it. This is just a quick post about ethics, morals & opinions. There is a fine line in entertainment where a public figure has to remember (he or she is not allowed to behave in a particular lewd way) in the eyes of the fans and patrons and the average working class citizen. Society and all humanity aren’t expecting certain behavior from anyone who can influence a nation or people. I guess that was what Lisa Hannah was complaining about with Kartel still being able to record songs while in prison. What examples are being set for the youths.

Yanique Curvy Diva has once again found herself in hot water as Jamaicans are now calling for her to be fired from her hosting duties on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. According to many critics, the Media vixen/Recording artist should be removed from their Television sets as she has no morals and is not a good role model for the young women of the country.“We are not bashing Yanique for the life she wants to live and how she decides to make her money,” one user explained. “However she cannot stay on our TV and influence our children, she needs to be removed immediately.” Just last year the sexy mc now a full fledged entertainer was reprimanded by her bosses up by TVJ after an altercation with co host Ms. Kitty which they both made public.

Should she have to face all this judgement. That is up for debate, just a reminder to anyone who wants to sign up to being in the public’s eye daily. All moves are scrutinized and its always in your best decision to think where and what to say and do before doing.


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