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Demarco says no ‘beef’ with Konshens


Having done a song aimed a Konshens, Demarco says there is no ‘beef’ coming from his end.

Demarco recently did a song called Lime Chip on DJ Sunshine’s ‘Wul Dem Again’ rhythm that was obviously aimed at Konshens in which he said, “Konshens yuh face already chip wid a Guinness bottle from K-Swizz.”

He was making reference to the incident at Mojito Mondays that was held at Susie’s some weeks ago where K-Swizz claimed he acted in self-defence when he swung a bottle, hitting Konshens in the head.

In the song, Demarco also referred Konshens as ‘nyamshens’ and his SubKonshus label as ‘sub nonsense’. He also said Konshens isn’t hotter than Romeich Wear.

Despite the harsh words, Demarco says there is no beef.

“Mi cannot beef with Konshens. He is not a gangster, he is a basketballer,” Demarco told a FlamesRadio Source.

He also noted that he decided to do the song after Konshens fired shots in a song called Chip that he said was in reference to his YouTube series, Talk Yuh Mind.

Start pree

“I did the song because he fired a shot. Somebody called Walk & Talk said some things about Konshens and I guess him start pree the whole movement because of that. A dat gwaan and him do the song seh if you mek mi head chip,” Demarco said, noting that Talk Yuh Mind Tuesdays will start on December 2 at 98 Molynes Road, St Andrew.

But in a recent video posted on YouTube, Konshens said he would not be responding to Demarco.

“All if Demarco stand up right deh so mi nuh see him. A jus him dat… It’s comedic to me, a nuh really supm weh mi a look pon. Mi hope him get pon Sting.

A whole heap a man a call mi and mi know a fi him fren dem too. Some selector a call me and a tell mi fi sing back song … mi know unuh want it gwaan fi dancehall nice, but years unuh a try dat wid mi and it nuh work, this year is no different. A nuh my thing dat, and at the end of the day on Sting day mi a deh a Canada, Toronto, so mi coulda watch it pon YouTube or stream live,” Konshens said in the 11-minute video.

In a second 10-minute video he also stressed that he will not be responding to songs from Masicka. He explained that they parted because of differences in their views. He said he is more concerned about creating an income rather taking a gangster route and he was trying to pull Masicka in that direction.

Konshens said he does not plan to ever retaliate against K-Swizz

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