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Dancehall vs Reggae? WHY?


Good day readers. Hope all is well and our fans are liking our content. So today we are discussing Reggae and Dancehall. This is more about views and opinions so please be free to comment on the topic. Which is the father and who is the offspring and everything in between. And does it matter.

There are a few ways we can look at it. Here it is, or an angle we can view it from. If Mento was the sound of my grandfather and Reggae the sound of my father, then Dancehall must belong to me and my peers who championed the sound in the eighties until present. Let me make this clear, I’m a die heart Reggae fan and lover.

People, fans and generations are disputing which sound is the one for us and bunch of comparisons that really isn’t debatable. The fact is all those sounds and more are indigenous to the culture of Jamaica. There isn’t a right or a wrong. Those sounds, bands and instrumental are all ambassadors for our culture.

Sixty years ago Mento took the world by storm and our grandparents and people took that sound to the masses and the world (Harry Belafonte, Lord Flea, Count Asher). Here is a part of history not mentioned often. Harry Belafonte “Day -O” was a mento song sold as a calypso song in the late nineteen fifties. My father and his peers took Reggae (Rock Steady) to world 40 yrs ago (Third World, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley) and again I repeat my generation took Dancehall global. (Shabba, Sean Paul, Baby Cham).

Now through out the UK and many other countries Dancehall is merged with our sounds and instrumentals. There is”Grime, Grunge, Garage and many more underground sounds that came out of it. So point is music lives in in so many ways. To compare styles genres and all is a no no. The UK have given us stars such as Maxi Preist, Stylo G, Gappy Ranks and many more.

My views are that it’s not just a sound or a genre. It’s what the people feel the youths expressions and a nation and a culture communicating through drums, strings and voices. Reggae and Dancehall is more than a sound it’s my people’s birthright heritage and feelings.


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