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Charly Black – Focused & Thankful


Sitting with platinum selling Charly Black. As he prepares himself to voice. Going through his routine his lyrics and melodies. There was once a time when he would be sorting out records and cds to be played the following night or for the clash they might be facing. (Once a part of Bass Odyssey Sound System).  How things and times have changed. We can safely say this change & growth is one to be proud of.
How did a local Jamaican make it from a selector to a full fledged artist. Also a world renown ambassador for his island. Hard work is a sure plus to his qualities he’s a strong believer in worth ethic and manners. He states punctuality and good manners is something he prefers to be also known for.

I began to ask Charly a few curious questions. My aim was not to bore him with a bunch a questions but keep it as open and as quaint as possible. Take note he was also going through his writing process.

  1. Do you genuinely love music?

His answer was of course, but he’s a die heart lover of Reggae and Dancehall.

2. What was it like to be on Wendy Williams?

It was a beautiful experience for any youth. Knowing that I was considered an under dog but came through on top.

3. Three cities that you enjoyed the most along your tours?

Portugal, Trinidad, Canada.

4. Most memorable moment to date?

A female fan drove 3 hrs to Lisbon to see me perform all through my performance she cried. This was 2013 that is a mental picture I cant forget. I had to perform for her when the show was done. I love and appreciate my fans.
One more very memorable moment was receiving my diamond plaque in Costa Rica.


By asking three basic questions something also struck me. How passionate he was about his fans and how much respect he has for his craft. As he continued writing the focus became more about the song than the interview. The intent was never to pry away but just to hear what and how he see’s life and music. What is a easy statement to or prediction to make is that we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from Charly Black.


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