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Good day readers and fans. Lets make this clear, our job is to share music news and who’s hot and who is possibly the next star. Well I’ve been doing some listening and running around the studios in Jamaica. There is a young man by the name of Brett Ikon. He’s a humble man that speaks softly but by the look in his eyes you can see the conviction in his message or story.

He’s been quietly working on his EP and his mixtape which is no longer a secret as he now has a que of interested producers ready to work with him. Diamond League producer Supa Hype is very interested in being a part of his early career. He also has a track on the “Eye Water Riddim” called “Mean The World”.  His solo project which is titled “IKONIC” is set to be out this September. Brett is not your ordinary Dancehall singer. His style is a mixture of several genres and he has curated a sound that is mellow and driven by harmonies. He’s already making his rounds within the Dancehall circuit. His duet “Wanted” with Lisa Hyper is also featured on her debut EP and from the rumors we hear there is also a second track on his EP and also her forth coming album. So it is safe to say he’s in full work mode.

Managed by Tandra Jhagroo of the Push A Yute outfit it’s obvious he’s one for the future. According to the production team Brett is one of the most melodic acts they have worked with. He writes to suite his demeanor and style. There are so many names we could associate him with, but it would be unfair to the young artist. Like everything else its art and he’s displaying all he has and more in the studio. There is one point I can’t dispute every female that hears this artist says he’s got something about him. We all know how that goes once women are your core guess you already supplying the number one demographic.




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