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Big Woman Thing A Gwaan


Hey readers and fans of reggae Dancehall and urban culture. There are still more projects to come out before the year closes and one such project is the G.U.R.L.E.S.  We have seen projects over time where females have been either put on compilation albums and instrumentals and asked to compete against each other. In other words let’s see who has the best song or had the most controversial line.
Well there’s an album called “Big Woman Ting”. The name derives from the locals in Jamaica and within the culture it simply means grown women voicing thoughts opinions and views.

It’s a eleven track album some what slightly eclectic without branching too far outside the indigenous factors. The album boast marque name in Dancehall like Lisa Hyper, Wizard, CK & productions from Tandra Jhagroo an influential engineer and producer who was involved in Charly Black platinum hit song. Productions from Mikey Bennett Grammy winning producer. Other acts like Joan Webbley famous for the Nanook brand and movement, Jamilia Falak, Arii Lopez, Raven Amani, Shivaun, Minori. There are a few more acts involved and we will be doing stories on a few of them.
Let’s talk a bit about the sonic and what to expect. It’s an album that you can slip the cd in or plug the phone in and get that pay attention to us vibe while driving to the country. Or on the way to a meeting. There are a couple of tracks that are built on the platform of just inspirational and some tracks that are just artistic, jazzy and has it’s own style. “Lose To Win” is classic well written get up and dust yourself off kinda song. All inspiration. Joan describes her experiences dealing with people looking at her from inexperienced woman they could take advantage of. For that we got the track “Ugly People”. Groovy vibe but not your normal sound that would come out the diaspora. Which again makes this album an interesting one. Ghana as she is called has a song that speaks about the unrest and the daily hardships and routine that goes into just being a woman in this world. Over all it’s a solid project.


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